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10+ Minute Core Workout

I start all my strength workouts with 10 minutes of core and try to add in core a few days a week when I don’t have an official strength workout. 

These are all accessible, you don’t need anything but some floor space! I also included 10 exercises that require equipment below, which are great if you’re looking to really challenge yourself. 

Why? A strong core is great for balance, stability, posture, back health, injury prevention, and any strength work is great for overall well being/blood flow. Being strong is good. It is also necessary for ski training, which is my main motivator. 

Depending on how strong you’re feeling, you can do 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, or any ratio that makes it harder (55 on, 5 off) or even continuous. I’m challenging myself to do this 4x a week this summer (ex. Mon, Tues, Fri, Sat). Join me!

  1. Plank

Option to go up on your hands, add toe taps out to the side, shoulder taps, knees to elbows/mountain climbers

2. Side Plank 

Add leg raises, raise hand up and under

3. Leg raises

Lower back touching the ground (no arching). Hands above head makes it more difficult

4. Windshield wipers

Legs go left to right in the air. Can put hands out wide to stabilize

5. Dead bug

Lower back firmly on the ground, slow controlled movements

6. Hollow body hold

Or if you're too tired, flutter kicks at a lower angle

7. Grass pickers/Russian twists

Rotate hands from side to side, option to hold a weight

8. Cherry pickers

Reach to touch toes alternating hands

9. Glute Bridge

Lift hips upward and engage glutes at the end of the motion. Pictured is a single leg, but you can start with 2 legs on the ground if you want

10. Superman

Repeatedly raise head and arms to work your back. Can go side to side

Hard Bonus Exercises - if you have access to gym equipment 

I like to do these by rep number instead of time - usually 10-15 reps. I don't know any of the official names for these exercises.

1.Hanging Toes to Bar Shoulders engaged, not limp. I like to bend my arms in a poling position. Touch toes to bar, or bring knees to chest if toes to bar is not doing it for you

2. Roll-outs

Go on knees, or feet for challenge

3. Landmine Rotation

Hold barbell with straight arms, rotate back and forth stabilizing with core

4. Back extensions

Legs secured, hanging and bending at the hip, lifting up. Option to add weight. Option to smile for the camera

5. Med ball side to side

Legs off the ground, tap med ball from side to side. Can throw a med ball with a friend if you have one

6. Med ball throw

In a lunge position next to a wall, throw a med ball at the wall as hard as you can, keep a stable core. If you have a friend you can throw it to them

7. Med ball or bosu ball - pass from feet to hands

Extend legs to make it more difficult

8. Straight arm pulldown

Use a machine or a band

9. Hanging windshield-wipers 

Hang from bar, rotate legs like a windshield wiper

10. Toes in the air

I don’t know what this one is called, but it’s hard! Similar to candlestick exercise

Enjoy, and thanks for checking in!

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