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10 strategies to get off the couch

My housemates are Norwegian, and they taught me the word “dørstokmilla” or “the doorstep mile.” It’s a word that validates the difficulty of simply “getting out of the door” to go train, adventure, exercise, or start any activity or endeavor. Using it in a sentence might sound something like “the doorstep mile is the longest.”

Full-time skiing involves a lot of “getting out the door” to train, so I thought I’d share the things I’ve found to work for me. It still can be hard for me to get out there sometimes, even having created a lifestyle entirely around training… 

These are my best attempts to make the doorstep mile at least a little shorter. Hopefully some of these can work for you.

I love the couch

1.Trick myself with a smaller time commitment

I sometimes find it difficult to get started on tasks, but often find it similarly difficult to stop the task once I get “in the zone.” I like to leverage that by tricking myself - for example telling myself I’m only going to run for 10 minutes (or some amount of time that feels mentally easy). Odds are good that once I start, I’ll happily pass the small amount that I “planned” and run longer.

2. Write down my plan with a start time

Writing down a to-do list item makes it feel much less acceptable to skip, and the start time makes it feel like a commitment. 

3. Make a plan with someone

If you can’t stand the idea of being flakey, this one will definitely get you out the door. Even if not, I’ve found that almost everything in life is easier with someone else around, even if you’re not talking. Sometimes I like to start training sessions at the same place and time as other people, even if I train alone once I start

4. Go somewhere with a really nice/inspiring environment

Sometimes I go to the most scenic place I can think of to train, or drive farther away than usual. I feel like I need to make it “worth it” that I went there. Similarly, when I go to a library to work, I feel much worse about going on social media or messing around on my computer. I feel like I need to make the most of every minute in that focused environment.

5. Make sure key items are in good condition

Appropriate equipment makes a big difference. I don’t think it’s necessary to have perfect equipment all the time, but if you notice your shoes are super worn-out, you might not want to run. Or if your helmet is a little too small, you might not want to bike. It’s easier to get out in the rain with rain clothes. Etc.

6. Basic self care

Well this is actually the most important one. If you’re super sleep deprived, hungry, thirsty, cold, warm, etc. everything is harder. 

7. Make a training log or join Strava

I find it satisfying to write down what I did and to look through all my past training. Careful not to get carried away with these, but if you like data it’s quite fun. I like looking at the maps on Strava

8. Put on a cool outfit

I don’t know, it helps. If you’re at the point where 1-7 didn’t work, you might as well try this one

9. Practice “just doing it”

No strategies. Sometimes I get myself to do stuff by telling myself, “oh my god just do it. Right now. Now.” 

10. Sometimes the couch should win. If you’re really not feeling it, just take a day off. :)

Good luck

Love Renae

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