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2023 Ins and Outs

Happy Tuesday. It’s U.S. Nationals week in Houghton, Michigan! It’s always a treat to ring in the new year at a ski race, even though that means I have been going to bed at 10pm on NYE for the last 8 years…wouldn’t have it any other way! (yes I would) It has been relatively warm here, right around 30F, gray skies, and a fun atmosphere with tons of racers. It is a fun change of scenery from some of our first SuperTour races, and I'm looking forward to the rest the week. I will give some sort of recap next Tuesday.

In the spirit of ringing in the new year, here are my takes on what is “In” and “Out” for 2023. These are not resolutions, just opinions. Take them as you will ;)


Caring about stuff



Going for walks

Cardamom, the spice


Getting off your high horse

Spontaneous phone calls

Shrek the third

Thinking about things from other people’s perspective


Making decisions

Whole milk

Listening more than talking

Appreciating the Midwest

Eye contact

Thank you notes

Doing a good job

Greeting people by name


“Taking a break from coffee”

Leaving pile of clean laundry in bin for weeks and sifting through

Cold toes

Natural shampoo

La Colombe oatmilk double latte

Read receipts


Sweet pickles

Being in a rush


Filling the silence

Fluorescent lighting

Netflix original reality TV shows, all of them

Pizza with fish on it

Cars without snow tires

Thyme, the spice

Keeping never-worn piece of clothing in back of closet

Cheers to 2023!

Cardamom buns. I was impatient and did not let them rise so they were DENSE but they tasted good. Maybe someday I'll get it down.

Frosty Minneapolis the day we left for Houghton - New Year's Eve

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