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24 hours in Minneapolis

I was just home in Minnesota for a day, and here’s what I did to make the most of it. I’ll also include some recommendations, or a few of my favorite things in Minneapolis for the next time you are lucky enough to stop by Minneapolis in the summer.


Breakfast/coffee with my dad at Isles Bun and Coffee

Isles buns has a nice bright and casual café feel, it’s always bustling, and it’s right by the Lake of the Isles. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but my go to is a puppy dog tail or caramel pecan bun with coffee!

Other recommendations: Dogwood or Spyhouse for great coffee and more of a quiet/working vibe. Cuppa Java is also fun


Mountain biking at Theodore Wirth Park

I think mountain biking is the best activity for really hot/humid days. It’s nice and protected in the woods, and biking always gives more of a breeze. The trails at Wirth are amazing. They can be technical or easy, and have nice rolling terrain with punchy uphills and flowy downhills!

Other summer recommendations: running around the Chain of Lakes, River Road, or Minnehaha Parkway (classics), or trail running at Wirth or Hyland park for more natural surroundings

Lunch: post-ride Mill Valley Kitchen at The Trailhead. My go-to is the the breakfast burrito or chicken sandwich with kombucha or lemonade. The sweet potato fries are also incredible!!

Dinner: I was lucky enough to have dinner outside on the patio with my long time friends and neighbors, the McGraws. We had a classic Minnesotan summer meal of Sloppy Joes, bbq chips, pickles, and salad. The McGraws are the best.

Other absolute banger dinner recommendations Minneapolis: World Street Kitchen, Young Joni, Punch Pizza, Wakame, Centro, Surly

Dessert recommendation: Sebastian Joe’s ice cream

I finished the night with weekly neighborhood happy hour where we all go to someone’s driveway around 6:30, byo chair and drink, and have a nice time. Happy hour has been going on every single Monday since covid started. A fun ritual!

It was really nice to have a day at home after my first months in Anchorage, which has been a big transition!

Now, I’m headed to Norway/Denmark for a trip with my mom. Thanks for reading, and more updates to come :)


A classic at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: "Hahn/Cock"

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