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25 Things I Am Grateful For

In the spirit of (almost) 25 years of life, here are 25 things I’m grateful for at the moment. This was fun to write. It's a good life.


1. Waking up to the smell of Astrid’s cinnamon oatmeal

2. Quiet breakfasts with my roomates Tuva, Tuva, and Astrid before training

3. Dinners with Luke and Novie

4. Thai Kitchen and Namaste Shangri La within walking distance

5. Sunday morning buzz at Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop


6. Lisa and Todd!

7. My aunts, uncles, cousins, and relatives

8. Wonderful housemates: Tuva, Astrid, Tuva, Derek, Didrik, JC

9. Gritty, motivated APU teammates: Lily, Marit, Novie, Rosie, Eva, Zarah, Maisy, Luke, Buster, Zanden, JC, Thomas, Gus, Michael, Karl, Scott, Davis, Garret, Justin, Ethan, Hatcher

10. Getting to work with wise, passionate ski coaches

11. Phone calls with Erin

12. Check-ins with far away friends from Bowdoin, my ski community, or Minnesota

13. Other people’s dogs

14. An immensely supportive job with CXC and Yuriy

15. The many people who have left a positive impact since my move to AK, big or small: UAA skiers and alumni, APU summer crew and greater Anchorage ski community, Fairbanks fam and community, our friends on Piper (all of them..), friends of 43rd


16. Beautiful clouds with great variety

17. View of mountains from my bedroom window

18. Consistent cool temperatures that are nice for training

19. Moose as a part of daily life

20. Far north bicentennial park, all of it


21. A body that lets me move, ski, and run to my heart’s content

22. A mind that is resilient and positive

23. Lessons learned from hard times

24. A hot shower

25. A cozy bed

Love, Renae

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