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Hi. I want to start by addressing a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) because I figure you’re interested if you made it here.

What are you doing?

I am cross-country skiing for a professional team based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota called Team Birkie. I am also working in sport development/fundraising at a non-profit called Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC).

What does the season look like?

You can check out the full schedule in the tab “Race Schedule” above. I will try to communicate when the races have a live stream. I will also put my results in there as I go, because who doesn’t like numbers. I'll keep it real and include the bad races.

So you are a professional skier? Do you...make money?

I am lucky to be supported by Team Birkie with a yearly stipend to cover most training and racing expenses. Our budget is all thanks to sponsors and donors, and you read more here:

My job is with CXC in Sport Development, which means fundraising, communications, coach education projects, etc. I am lucky to be able to work for an organization with a mission I am passionate about. You can check it out here:

My gear is covered by some cool sponsors:

Skis, boots: Madshus

Poles: Swix

Gloves: Toko

Shoes: Icebug

What do you do for training?

I’ll expand on this someday, but training is typically 2x a day, 6 days per week, spanning anywhere from 12-24 hours of training per week. Skiers tend to measure training by time (as opposed to distance).

The summer hours consist of running, rollerskiing, strength training in a weight room, and some biking, and in the winter, training consists primarily of skiing with some running and light lifting.

Are you going to the Olympics?

This is my favorite FAQ - it sounds so simple when you ask it like that!

Sure I'll go.

Whether it is as a spectator or athlete, that is impossible to know. Check back in 2026 - they don't pick the team until then ;)

Thanks for reading.

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