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Alaska - Top 10 and Bottom 10

Hello, this blog is my Alaska top 10 and bottom 10 - things I like here and things I like less. It’s no fun to read about sunshine and rainbows all the time so I thought I’d toss in some complaints!! Ok not complaints just some parts that aren’t as rosy. These are first impressions, maybe my opinions will change with time. Many of these impressions are compared through the lens of growing up in Minneapolis.

Anchorage - Top 10

  1. See a moose almost every day, it’s still exciting every time

  2. See a bear decently often, very cute and cuddly

  3. Really good Thai food

  4. Sun seemingly never sets

  5. Proximity to huge mountains and ocean - not many places like this! And they won’t let you forget it!

  6. City is infused with a lot of nature (marsh/small lakes/trees/forest)

  7. Lot of adventurous and interesting people, a purposely ambiguous description

  8. Unlimited recreational opportunities/activities with all the right terrain for them

  9. Weather is consistently pretty cool (50-60s) and nice for ski training, not humid

  10. Opportunities for fresh seafood

Last week

Anchorage - Bottom 10

  1. See a moose every day - they are actually pretty huge and scary if I’m honest

  2. See a bear decently often - cute but can kill you if they choose

  3. Impossible to sleep without either turning your room into a dungeon or wrapping your face in uncomfortable heavy duty eye masks, yes I’m being dramatic

  4. Not exactly a peaceful feel, more of a wild and extreme feeling (to me at least - people, landscape, wildlife all play into this, I guess I’m sounding pretty midwestern here)

  5. Have to skimp on taco night because cilantro is 1 million dollars (groceries are expensive - 40 ish % more expensive than the national average)

  6. A little difficult to manage without a car - same is true in Minneapolis

  7. The city itself isn’t really a place that you’d go just to stroll around and enjoy the sights

  8. Kind of far from Minnesota, and everywhere else for that matter

  9. No typical professional sports scene here - I’m not terribly bummed about this but it does make a difference in the feel of the city and culture - removed vibe

  10. A different world being in the Alaskan Time Zone - hard to catch up with people on occasion

From today

Ok he's not a bear but he could be

All in all, I like it! Come visit if you dare


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Zak Ketterson
Zak Ketterson
May 25, 2023


May 24, 2023

Tbh that bear is thiccy - def deserves a bottom 10

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