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Back on Snow!

Hi there,

My team just wrapped up a week of skiing up north in Fairbanks. It was special to get back on snow, as it always is, and also a reminder of how much balance and strength real skiing takes. My little stabilizing muscles took some time to get used to the feeling again, and I fell a couple times finding the balance again. I pride myself on how rarely I fall, so this was embarrassing to say the least. No one saw me fall thankfully. But I guess now everyone who read this knows…oversight

Fairbanks is a 6ish-hr drive north of Anchorage, right to the middle of Alaska, and the drive is insanely scenic with views of Mount Denali and the Alaska Range.

Here's my housemate Tuva at a pit-stop on our drive.

October is a great time to go to Fairbanks (for our purposes) because there is snow, the weather is moderate (in the 20s), and there is still some daylight. Fairbanks is known for extremely cold, dark, and snowy winters -very often well below 0F. The crowd that lives here year-round is hardy! Or maybe crazy. In any case, I can see the appeal. The Fairbanks I’ve experienced has an evident emphasis on community, and a unique and peaceful energy in its nature with vast black spruce and birch forests, bright stars and a prominent moon, constant sunrise/sunset colors, and far away mountains on the horizon. There are also incredible northern lights, although I didn’t see them this time around. My cousins live there, so I have a lot of nice memories that may paint my impression. I’m a big fan of Fairbanks.

Morning session views

Training camp was good. There was lots of time with teammates, lots of skiing, some Harry Potter, and some Thai food.

Here I am with teammate Novie.

On Sunday, we made the trip home to Anchorage and were greeted with a serene scene of falling snow - and tons of it. That's the dream. The feeling of new snow for me is somewhere between euphoria, comfort, and peace. I don’t know if there is anything better.

Thanks for reading, and have a goood Tuesday.

Love, Renae

Sunnyside trail, Birch Hill Recreation Area - Fairbanks, Ak

Low sun in Fairbanks

Hilltop - Anchorage, AK

Mob of APU skiers!

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1 Comment

Gavin Kentch
Gavin Kentch
Nov 17, 2023

Yeah Fairbanks is my favorite place to ski race in the entire world (I've certainly raced at fewer venues than you, but have also raced at a not small number of venues). The courses are great, the organization is stunningly competent, Birch Hill is lovely... everything just works so well. And the community! Much love for Fairbanks* (*particularly in October or again in March or April, because I am weak).

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