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First Race! Skate Sprint Recap

First race was today!

It was a skate sprint. It was nuking snow the whole time, accumulating quite a few inches throughout the day. The snow slowed down the course and turned an already-super-hard course into a harder one (in my opinion).

Here is a quick recap of my day - highlights, lowlights, takeaways.


  1. My dad, Todd, came all the way from Minnesota to come cheer! He has always been my loudest cheerer and biggest supporter (along with my mom), so it’s always a good day with him on the sidelines. 

  2. I pushed myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself in any race or workout. I went crazy for 3 minutes, and then held on for dear life for the last minute. It was not the smartest race strategy in terms of pacing, but I’m kind of impressed with myself for going that deep

  3. I managed to avoid a crash on the downhill in my quarter-final heat which was exciting!

  4. It was so fun to see so many pals. The SuperTour race circuit has a really good atmosphere. It seems that a lot of people know each other and have been racing together for years, which makes it light and social. I see many of my closest friends at these races, and it makes all the hard parts worth it. 

I'm bib 17 here! Photo: Graeme Williams / @oneskatephotos


  1. I’ve never felt worse after a race - I actually puked from exertion for the first time in my life. Going hard can cause that because the body is trying to get rid of lactic acid as fast as possible - too much built up is damaging to your body, so it goes into emergency mode to clear it. I got a little too excited and paid for it! That was miserable.

  2. I have felt kind of wrecked ever since. Body went through it today.


  1. I need to chill a little

  2. Ski season is so exciting and I’m thankful it’s here

  3. Anchorage has enough snow now

Thanks for following along. Next race is tomorrow - 10k classic. 

Happy Tuesday,

Love, Renae

Friend Erin Bianco

Picture of snow

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1 Comment

Gowtham (G)
Gowtham (G)
Dec 13, 2023

Good luck tomorrow!!

Please send some snow to da Yoop. 🙏🏼🙌🏼

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