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Life Update and Acknowledgements

Hi all - this week’s blog will be a life update and some acknowledgements of the people and organizations behind me.


I recently moved to Anchorage, Alaska to join the APU Elite Team. It’s a big change, but one that I think will challenge me, and allow me to look back at my ski career with no regrets about whether I did everything I could in my short time as a ski racer.

Looking back on my ski career is almost overwhelming. It’s hard to describe how fortunate I feel when I think about every individual that has been a part of my journey, and every organization that has made it a little easier to pursue this weirdly all-consuming sport. I want to take a moment here to list a few thank yous, even though it feels like I’m scratching the surface of all the people that deserve shoutouts.

Central Cross Country Skiing (CXC)

CXC is not only a major force behind Midwest cross-country skiing development, organizing development camps, races, youth programming, and more, but CXC is also my biggest supporter. I am lucky to work for CXC and simultaneously pursue skiing full-time - it has taken a lot of flexibility and passion on their part to work with me to find this balance - thank you Yuriy Gusev, Irina Komarova, and Kamilya Omarova.

APU Nordic Ski Center - my current team

APU has been a positive environment to join and an extremely welcoming group of people - I’m so thankful for this opportunity with them. They are currently holding a fundraiser if you’re interested in supporting the team.

Team Birkie

The strength of Team Birkie was always the community behind it, and I felt that support through every race in the Team Birkie suit. Thank you to everyone - the founding organizations, donors, and sponsors who made this year possible and successful. I’m excited for what the future holds for the team. Thank you to The Loppet Foundation, American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, CXC Skiing, Pioneer Midwest, Finn Sisu, Marwe, Toko, Swix, Fluid Health and Fitness, Performance Running Gym, Podiumwear, and Untapped Maple, and to my teammates and coaches who made the year one to remember.

I grew up skiing in Loppet programming, they were my first employer after college, and they have been the most influential organization in my daily life as a skier for many years: grooming trails, running programming, throwing events, and most recently being a major support and founding organization of Team Birkie. They work to make outdoor adventure accessible to everyone, and what is cooler than that? Thank you to Claire Wilson, my junior coaches Piotr Bednarski and Chris Harvey, the many staff who keep the magic going now.

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF)

Not only does ABSF throw the greatest party and race of the year (the Birkie), but they also are a huge support of Midwest skiing and outdoor adventure by running programming, year round, multi-sport events, and also supporting high level skiing as a founding organization of Team Birkie. Thank you Ben Popp and the team at ABSF!

National Nordic Foundation (NNF)

NNF supports US skiing by making international racing opportunities more affordable for athletes. I have benefitted from the NNF on my trip to U23 Worlds, and most recently on my trip to OPA Cup Finals in Italy. Thank you NNF!

Bowdoin College

Bowdoin Nordic shaped my college experience, giving me some of my closest friends, a variety of racing experience all around the east coast, and one of the best coaches I’ve ever had the privilege of working with - Nathan Alsobrook. They are having a fundraiser at the moment - check it out here if you’d like.

Hopkins High School

Hopkins helped spark my love for skiing with a big group of training pals, passionate coaches, and endless sunset-skis after school that removed all doubt that skiing was the thing for me. Thank you to Rob Fuhr, Mike Harris, and the many coaches that worked with me and laid the groundwork for a long career.


I was lucky enough to train with BSF in Bozeman, MT for a few summers - helping me improve as a skier and learn to be a little more comfortable in the mountains :) Thanks BSF and Andy Newell!

Minnesota Youth Ski League

Where it all began - Thank you Anita Burg and Paul Gage!



Madshus is a huge supporter, supplying me with skis, boots, and whatever I need to be my fastest self.


Swix supplies my poles, and good ones at that! Another vital part of my ski racing kit.


Toko supplies my gloves and water belt, both training tools I couldn't live without.

Lisa and Todd

Thank you to my mom and dad, who have supported me wholeheartedly every step of the way and provided endless wisdom and encouragement. Not sure who I have to thank for getting these parents, but man I lucked out.

I wish I could write a novel thanking every person that has made an impact, and maybe sometime I will. But I’ll leave it here for now.

I appreciate you who are reading this blog, too!


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