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Life Updates

Happy Tuesday. It’s currently a bright, cloudless day in Anchorage and I’m writing from a coffee shop. I’m on a recovery week, which means shorter training and a deviation from structured 2x-a-day sessions. So, I have more time to write! Or more importantly, I actually have some energy to write.

I’m challenging myself to get something out every Tuesday for the rest of the year, even if it’s inconsequential. It’ll be a little consistency test for myself, and a way to honor the nice people who read this thing every week! Here are some life updates:


I'm still constantly training for skiing these days - I rotate between training or recovering without much in between. I’m surrounded by people living the same life, and we often talk about “how easy it is to be a skier here”. This is the first time in my life that I have almost no distractions to ideal training (my idea of it anyway), and the first time that almost everyone I know here is living a similar life. It’s crazy how much easier it is to motivate when I’m surrounded by a group like this, very cool.

“You’re a product of your environment, surround yourself with the best” haha I found this on the internet and I like it

Work Update

I’m still working for CXC Skiing in fundraising. In a nutshell, CXC works to grow the sport of cross country skiing and make it accessible. The latest project is the development of the new CXC Outdoor and Recreation Center in Middleton, WI. There will be ski, hike, and bike trails, snowmaking and lights, and it will host programming and events. Our other ongoing fundraising efforts are for the Nordic Rocks for Schools Program, where CXC designs and distributes equipment to elementary-aged youth, and they learn to xc-ski at school, and the CXC Adaptive Program where the aim is to make xc-skiing accessible to people of all physical and mental abilities and to Veterans.

Other Updates

I live with Tuva at the moment. We both work remotely in the house, eat meals together, talk about life, and watch Netflix and draw in the evening. Tuva is even-keeled, logical and good with computers, and often has a slight smile on her face. She likes flavored coffee, loves oatmeal and brown rice for the texture, and she is a good listener. Tuva is the definition of good vibes, and it is hard to be stressed in her presence. I am extremely lucky.

I’m reading “All the Light We Cannot See” currently, slowly but surely. I really like the style of writing, it’s poetic and descriptive.

I’m in a phase of baking a lot of Superhero Muffins from “Run Fast Eat Slow” cookbook.

I like Alaska more and more by the day. I am continuously in awe of the terrain and nature here. I don’t know what I expected, but this place is really something else.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday.


coolest shrooms I've ever seen

Scene from Lost Lake run this past Sunday. just north of Seward, AK.

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댓글 3개

2023년 9월 06일

Renae—glad you’re ’warming up’ to AK! Be careful, it gets in your blood!


2023년 8월 16일

i love reading your words renae!! <3


2023년 8월 16일

“You’re a product of your environment, surround yourself with the best” haha I found this on the internet and I like it. I like it too.

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