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The Secret Ingredient

I bet you’re thinking: this blog is probably about to be based off something they said in the movie, “Kung Fu Panda.” and you are right.

I’ve been on too many airplanes lately, and I watched Kung Fu Panda on one of them. It’s a kids’ movie about a panda who is destined for greatness in kung fu, as you maybe could have predicted.

Well, it also happens to be a great movie, and I wanted to share some of my favorite thought-provoking takeaways/quotes. It was one of those kids’ movies that really goes hard with the deep metaphors and I guess I like that kind of stuff.

1. There is no good or bad

Obviously this advice came from the wise old turtle in the movie. A weird one to hear at first, but if you think about it for too long, there’s something to it. Nice to take things for what they ARE, without assigning good or bad. I love this concept. Kind of a radical acceptance thing, and a way to expand life outside of black and white. Is it bad that it’s raining? No, it just IS. powerful reframe that has actually helped me a lot. I can’t get behind it 100% (yet?) but it’s interesting.

2. There are no accidents

Another one from the wise old turtle. This one takes maybe a little more of a spiritual route, but is thought provoking nonetheless. Kind of a “everything happens for a reason” vibe, but maybe better because it doesn’t suggest there has to be a reason. Life is probably a little easier when you genuinely think it’s going exactly how it should. Maybe that’s a coping mechanism, but does that make it any less valid, if so? Hmm

3. Give up the illusion of control

This one got me thinking more than any of the others.

Old turtle says “if you plant a peach tree it will always become a peach tree.” Other guy says, “but I can control where and when I plant it” and then turtle says “yeah well it will still become a peach tree.” or it went something like that.

I don’t really love the idea that people have a destiny no matter what they do in life, but I guess it could also be a calming thought to realize you can’t control nearly as much as you think, or even control exactly what you think you are controlling. Yikes this one is almost too deep. Who on earth wrote this script? I also feel weird about this one because I definitely believe in goals and working toward something, but if you get too deep into “zen” thoughts it kind of negates all need to do anything ever. But maybe if everyone was zen, no one would need anything ever. Oh boy

4. There is no secret ingredient

Spoiler alert. The panda realizes that there is no secret ingredient, his power comes from within. If that doesn’t inspire you, what does! He just has to believe in himself awwww

5. To make something special, you just have to believe it’s special

Kind of a theme here - the mind is a powerful thing in your experience of life. I like the idea of romanticizing life, finding joy, other cheesy things, etc. It is freeing to know that you choose your mindset despite what life throws at you. Not a victim, not looking to blame, looking for silver linings. If I think today is a special day, it is. If I think every day is a special day, it is!

Also: everyone has negative emotions, traumas big or small, and times that make saying “think on the bright side” seem super tone-deaf. I like to think of these types of things as personal journeys and conversation fuel, but not as unsolicited pieces of advice for people going through something difficult. Something to think about.

Well, I recommend this movie. I thought it was very funny aside from the existential crisis it could induce. I also recommend Soul, if you like that kind of feeling after a movie.

I hope this provoked a thought or two. Thanks for checking in.



if you're wondering when I have time to overthink stuff like this, it's on runs like this

I'd believe anything this guy says

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