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Some words about my team

Hi there!

Here’s the latest. I’ve been getting back into the swing of regular training, which means meeting with my team most days to rollerski, run, or do strength. This week I want to tell you about my team, and invite you to support us if you feel like it.

I’m on the Alaska Pacific University (APU) Elite Team, which has given me a major community when I left my comfort zone to venture to in Alaska, has contributed to a big step forward in my ski career, and has provided a motivational atmosphere that has allowed me to go “all in” for ski racing in ways I didn’t know I could. Most importantly, I feel a daily joy of the process when I’m with APU. 

The APU Nordic Ski Center is a community organization, with programming and events for all ages and abilities throughout the year. Being a part of a community that gets people fired up to run around (or ski around) outside, year round, together, is the coolest thing I can imagine, and I’m so proud to represent and grow the cause. 

APU is quite a special place that makes some dark Alaskan winters a little brighter for many people. 

If you’re interested in donating to our team, it would mean a lot to me, and I can guarantee that it’s going to a worthy cause. We’re doing a fundraiser, and rollerskiing 50km on saturday to celebrate it. You can donate here if you feel so inclined.

Thanks for reading.


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