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Ways to make travel more comfortable

It’s travel season for me - lots of flying and driving to ski races. I really don’t enjoy air travel like I used to but here are some things I do to make it more enjoyable.

selfie sent to Mom to tell her I made it to aiport

Eat well

Eating well on travel days is my biggest priority. I get much more easily motion-sick if I’m hungry, not to mention unhappy and generally unwell if I miss a meal. That means - big full breakfast, lunch, dinner, lots of plane snacks (fruit and veg really hit the spot and are refreshing), and lots of water

loaded oatmeal never misses

Light carry-on

I have never once had a light carry-on so this travel tip is completely hypothetical. I usually stuff my backpack to the brim and suffer around the airport and squeeze it through the bathroom stall and stuff it into the overhead compartment while people offer to help because it’s so big. My shoulders are usually sore the next day. So if I were to offer advice I’d say pack light

Bag with wheels

I recently got a suitcase with 4 wheels instead of 2 and it’s a game changer! Really the more wheels the better with luggage if you ask me - might need to try this strategy for my carry on

you can find me in the oversize baggage section

Noise canceling

I use big over-ear headphones, but any noise-canceling thing makes things nicer on a plane (earbuds, ear plugs). I’m completely dependent on my headphones at this point, they're the best.

Little hygiene things

Chapstick, tooth brush/paste, lotion, eye drops, face cleansing wipes, deodorant are all things that feel amazing on long travel days.

Moving and stretching

Maybe an obvious one, but any opportunity to move out of a sitting position, stretch, or get the blood moving is something I try to do. Moving every 2 hours or more frequently is a general rule I follow.

road trip stretch break with Tuva B

Own pillow

This is a huge pain but I bring my own pillow everywhere I go because it improves my sleep so much at my destination. Not a travel hack - it’s super annoying actually but maybe worth it if you’re picky with pillows like me. Sometimes it’s nice during the actual travel if I have a window seat

Window seat

I really like looking out the window and listening to music

Those are my best tips. I find travel days to be much better with these things in order. I hope they help you too.

Have a great Tuesday. I’m in Lake Placid, New York for some more ski races this weekend!

Love, Renae

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Jan 18

Good luck this weekend!


Jan 18

Love the pottery in the food pic!

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