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Weather Blog

Hi! Summer training is in full swing, and one of the themes of conversation lately has been how “unusually” cold and rainy it has been in Anchorage. I’m not sold that it’s going to change much (hopes high, expectations low), so like every conversation I’ve had for the past 6 weeks, this week’s blog is about weather.

Reasons you should turn into someone who fixates on the weather:

  1. Never at a loss for conversation topic

  2. Ensures conversations will end within 3 minutes or less

  3. Can blame bad weather for deeper life issues, avoid addressing them and hope sun comes out soon

  4. Can justify buying a lot of weather-specific clothing

  5. Excuse to cancel plans on occasion

  6. Excuse to do, or not do, anything. Just a good all around excuse, and we love those

Ways I trick myself into enjoying exercise in the rain:

I Do:

  1. Wear a rain jacket. My favorite article of clothing, not kidding. So flattering and practical. Have you ever seen anyone look bad in a rain jacket? Me neither

  2. Wear pants or shorts that are quick drying or athletic material

  3. Wear tight fitting gloves (not loose ones) if you are prone to being cold like me

  4. Run in the woods or somewhere quiet/natural

  5. Think about how much better it is than running in heat or smoke :(

  6. Meet up with people - weather’s not so bad with other people around

  7. Just get out there! Anticipation is often worse than the reality of it

I Don’t:

  1. Wear cotton or jeans

  2. Buy white shoes and that make me sad when it’s muddy out

  3. Run on pavement or near a busy road with cars spraying my face

  4. Bring stuff that I don’t want to get wet, like headphones or phone (sometimes just relieving any stress of getting soaked is enough to lift the mood)

  5. Do an activity involving wheels, unless I have good fenders

  6. Allow myself to change my workout plan based on rain

  7. Feel bad for myself because it’s raining, it could be worse!!

Good luck out there


A little *too* excited about my new rain jacket from Rosie

moody weather, good friends :)

I'll admit overcast weather is growing on me. It's kind of fun to complain but it's really not that bad

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