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15 Things to Do When it's Sunny in Alaska

I had a request to honor the sunny weather in my blog, since I did some complaining about rain earlier. This blog is maybe a little less relevant now than earlier this year, because Anchorage's weather did indeed turn around. We’ve had some dreamy summer days, as promised. Nice!

Anyway, here are some things to do in Alaska when it’s sunny. I’ll admit I’ve done 1 or 2 of these (ok all of them).

  1. Take a picture, it lasts longer

  2. Joke to newcomer that “it’s always like this”

  3. Joke to newcomer “you brought the sun”

  4. Be in a genuinely good mood

  5. Complain about actually not being used to the heat but force a laugh while doing it because you know if you complain about sun and complain about rain then you are actually the problem

  6. Feverishly do every summer activity in one day in case it’s your last opportunity ever

  7. Claim you “didn’t actually mind the rain but this is nice, too”

  8. Get sunburnt

  9. Post for the first time in weeks to social media to trick people into thinking it's always like this

  10. Fight someone for a parking spot at a trailhead

  11. Invite everyone you know to a BBQ to take advantage of “weather window”

  12. Get a little excited for the rain to return so that you can relax again

  13. Go somewhere to watch the sunset :)

  14. Realize that talking about the weather is not actually that crazy because we are all interconnected creatures of the earth and not separate entities immune to our environment……

  15. Truly soak it in, knowing it will not last, as is true with everything in life. Of course I’m making it deep, what did you expect

I hope you are having a wonderful day, whatever your weather may be.

Love, Renae

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