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Utah Training Camp - Week 1


I’m on day 8 of training camp in Park City, Utah, and there are 5 days left. Here are some updates.


We came to Utah to take advantage of altitude training, and also to practice skiing on the rollerski track. If you haven’t heard of a rollerski track, it’s a hilly, asphalt-paved trail that mimics the terrain of a ski race course. It’s super nice because it eliminates the worry of cars, bikes, dogs, walkers, etc. - it’s only for rollerskiing! It’s not exactly easy to come by rollerski tracks in the U.S, so we’re taking advantage of it while we can (doing intervals and races on it).

Rollerski track at Soldier Hollow - Midway, Utah

I’ve found that it has become easier to acclimate to altitude over the years. I haven't had too hard of a time acclimating this time around - I’m actually feeling pretty good. Maybe my plan from my last blog did the trick.

My focus of the camp is on easy distance training and threshold workouts. My favorite workout so far was doing 3 laps of a 5 kilometer loop on the rollerski track. I challenged myself to ski with some people that are faster than me and to “do what they do.” It was a hard workout, but it left me feeling inspired.

Trying to ski like Julia


I’m in a house with 4 other athletes on the APU team - Lily, Marit, Garret, and Thomas. We switch off each night with cooking/cleaning duty, relax or work on computers in the mid-day, and enjoy the “Erik Flora Podcast” each evening a.k.a listening to our coach Erik share his ski wisdom for a few hours, or until bedtime, whichever comes second :) Some younger teammates, Hatcher, Ethan, Logan, and Oskar, have been joining us for dinner lately and getting into mischief as usual. It has been an incredibly nice first week - I am not sick of these people yet! They’re pretty great.

ice cream break

Other highlights

The foliage has been going craaazy. Bright yellow and orange leaves everywhere, peak. This camp reunites skiers from all over the country - many of my long-time friends are at this camp, which is a recipe for a good time. It has been sunny almost every day, which feels like a tropical vacation compared to some stretches of time in Anchorage. The mountain sunsets are as good as they get.

Being at a ski training camp is probably my favorite way to exist. Nothing beats eat-sleep-train-repeat with good people.

Thanks for checking in.


Skiing up a hill. This hill is bigger than it looks

A lot of Nordic skiers in one photo

Running from the house

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