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My season goals, plans, and an opportunity to support

Updated: Nov 20, 2023


Today’s blog is about my upcoming ski season outlook: goals, plans, and how you can support me if you feel so inclined.

Every new ski season is a little nerve-wracking at the beginning. It’s always hard to assess exactly where I’ll be relative to last year, but I find it important to set big goals even without perfect certainty about their feasibility.


Goals are funny because I’m trying to ski as fast as I possibly can in every race, theoretically always aiming to win. It can feel like the goal itself may not have any bearing on the outcome. But, I find specific goals to be really helpful with visualization and throughout the training year, so in that sense they can be quite powerful.

Without further ado, here are the goals that have been fueling my training.

1. Qualify to race at the Minneapolis World Cup

I have never qualified for a World Cup race. I’ve been inching closer, but wasn’t quite at that level in previous years. This will be the first World Cup in the United States in over 20+ years, and it’s right at home in Minneapolis! I can’t control all the factors, but I’m doing everything I possibly can to make it happen.

2. Qualify to race at the Canmore World Cup

This one is just before Minneapolis. It’s very exciting that there are a few in North America.

3. Win a SuperTour

My best result in a SuperTour is 2nd (last year).

4. Top 3 in a National Championship race

Of course these goals are lofty, but I don’t see much use in setting “safe” goals.

Goals are just ideas, so they might as well be big ones! If you ask me.


My season plan gets less certain as it progresses - it will depend on how the races go. So far, the plan that I envision looks something like this:

  • SuperTour Period 1 - Anchorage Alaska (Dec 12-17)

  • US Nationals - Midway, Utah (Jan 2-7)

  • SuperTour Period 3 - New York and Vermont (Jan 20-28th)

  • (if qualified) World Cup - Canmore and Minneapolis (Feb 9-18)

  • American Birkebeiner! (Feb 24)

  • March racing TBD depending on how season goes

  • SuperTour Period 4 - Duluth, Minnesota (March 20-26th)

Be a part of it!

As you now know, my biggest goals are to qualify for international competitions. Qualifying to represent the US is a big honor, but unfortunately an expensive one. If I get a spot, I'll need to cover the majority of the expenses associated with travel, lodging, food, staff support, ski wax service, uniforming, etc.

However, there's an organization called the National Nordic Foundation (NNF) that helps athletes afford international competition. They're having a fundraiser (it started today!), and funds they raise go directly to support athletes.

NNF supported me in the past when I qualified for the U23 World Championships in 2021, and they will be a big help in making World Cup races affordable if I qualify for them this year. But it’s not just about me - they support all of our US athletes!

If you have enjoyed these blogs, if you want to support my season, or if you want to support US Skiing as a whole, it would mean a lot to me if you’d consider donating to my athlete page here:

I feel much more comfortable and excited about raising funds for NNF (an organization that supports everyone) than raising funds for myself when opportunities arise. This is a cool way to support me while also supporting our sport as a whole!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day. This blog is out 1 day early because I can't wait!


U23 World Championships, 10k Freestyle - Vuokatti, Finland 2021

World University Games, Mixed Team Sprint - Lake Placid, New York 2023

World University Games, 15k Freestyle - Lake Placid, New York 2023

OPA Cup Finals - Toblach, Italy 2023

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