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Skiku Ski Week

Hi and welcome back to the blog.

I’ve made it a 2 year tradition to take a little break from blogging in April (after the ski season ends). I like to enjoy a big release from the routine and structure of the season, but the blog’s back!

I’ve been enjoying spring skiing in Alaska, but the best part of my off-season was my week volunteering with Skiku, a nonprofit whose mission is to promote cross-country skiing throughout Alaska.  

I was placed in Ambler, a village with around 275 people in the Northwest Arctic Borough. Skiku sent some youth skis and boots with us, and we got to hold ski practices for the kids at the Ambler School throughout their school week. 

This was one of the most rewarding parts of my ski career thus far. We had a relatively small group of less than 60 kids, which allowed us to get to know the kids by name and get into a good rhythm. They were incredibly excited to get outside and ski. Their enthusiasm for skiing combined with their daily hugs and “see you tomorrow, right??” was completely heartwarming and worth every minute of sleeping on a couch in the library!

I made a vlog to recap the week. I apologize in advance for the amount of “woo’s” you will hear if you watch it. 

If you’re considering volunteering or donating to Skiku, do it.


Little plane - there are no roads to Ambler.

Co-volunteers and my good friends, Hannah and Reid

nothing but pristine wilderness in every direction surrounding Ambler

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The video was amazing. Maybe your next career is videography!



That was so fun to watch your video! It’s so rewarding to share your gifts. 🩷



Lovely adventure by lovely people. You are all champions, doing good work.

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