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Updates and upcoming races - World Cup Period 4

Hi there!

I’m currently in Oslo, Norway with the U.S team. I found out that I got 2 more classic sprint World Cup starts, so I’ll be racing this Tuesday and Friday in Drammen, Norway and then Falun, Sweden!

It’s a really fun energy to be in the “homeland” of nordic skiing, and I feel so lucky to get to compete in some iconic races that I’ve been watching on TV for so many years.  There are a lot of people here wearing Norwegian sweaters, waving flags, and saying "Heia Klaebo," as you could imagine. Very fun.

I got to Norway a bit early to adjust to the timezone and get settled. Jetlag always hits me hard (sleepless nights and sleepy days) but I think it’s turning around now on day 3. Being here a bit early, I got to watch some of the legendary Holmenkollen 50 km races. They seemed brutally hard and served as a good motivation for the upcoming training season. Maybe one day I’ll be racing there!

Here are some pictures from the trip so far. 

Thanks for checking in.


Norway has cool hotels! (Scandic Holmenkollen here)

The cheering/party scene at the Women's 50k day

Out for a ski in the sunshine with Erin.

pumping ourselves up for a strength workout we really didn't want to do. The jetlag had us awake in the middle of the night for hours, so the following day was rough

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